The sculptural works of Peter and Mathieu Ball

Experimenting with different sculptural forms and installation work over the course of a bachelor in fine arts (and beyond), Mathieu started making rough sketches for new sculptures he wanted to realize. Having worked on and off as a wood worker for a good part of his working life, he wanted to utilize learned woodworking techniques in unconventional ways. Sharing these ideas and the sketches with Peter (a woodworker of over three decades), he unburied projects and ideas he had experimented with 30 years earlier. Rummaging through this uncovered material from the past, he found old sketches he had made from around the same time. These sketches were freakishly similar to Mathieu’s. Inspired, they immediately started combining their ideas sketching up and working on new pieces together.

With wood and light as the primary materials, the curvatures and illuminations of each piece is what allows it all to interrelate so gracefully. As the curves allow for light to reflect in and out of the structures, the light is what leads more focus and attention to certain features of the work. As the pieces may have a primary façade in mind in their early stages, once assembled, it quickly becomes apparent that these pieces have multiple viewing angles. As they differ significantly from varying vantage points, the displacement of the viewer is required to fully experience the piece. This is also true during the crafting stage. As the work may develop in a particular direction with a final look in mind, as the piece progresses, changes often need to be made through reevaluating the initial intention. As no strict lighting guidelines need to be respected and no primary viewing angle may be appointed, the pieces are free to adapt and change depending on one’s perspective and the ambiance of the space in which it resides. 

What is here on display are the pieces worked on in 2017. Many more projects are in the works, most of which are larger scale pieces.

Montreal, QC, Canada.

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